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Borland/Inprise Conference 2000

San Diego has hosted this year the 11th Borland/Inprise Conference. You can read more about the conference using the following links...

Conference Reports

  • Dr. Bob Report (with nice pictures)
  • J.D. Hildebrand (on Borland Comunity Site)
  • XAPWare report (Xavier Pacheco and Nick Hodges)

    My Presentations

    This year I've given four presentations. Here you can download source code and slides, which will also show up on the final conference CD. Papers didn't change since I submitted there for the earlier CD, distributed at the conference.

    Presentation title (number) Code Slide Notes
    The Fun Side of Delphi: Episode 1 (1504) (56 KB) (115 KB) You can find more information on the section of my site devoted to The Fun Side of Delphi
    Advanced VCL Component Building (4106) (14 KB) (116 KB)  
    Using Pascal in C++Builder Applications (3214) (20KB) (118 KB)  
    Welcome to Linux: A Guide for Win32 Programmers (3258) No code available (117 KB) There was no paper for this presentation